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Could The Engine Mounts On Your Vehicle Be In Need Of Some Urgent Attention?

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An internal combustion engine is a heavy piece of equipment. It often features a cast-iron block and a large number of other components, from the crankshaft to the camshaft and from the pistons to the flywheel. It's little wonder that so much effort is required to keep this engine in place when it is under full pressure, and rotating devices affect the centre of gravity. This is why engine mounting parts are so well made and designed to keep the motor functioning while attached to the car. So with so much at stake, why do you need to pay particular attention to the condition of your engine mounts?

The Role Of Engine Mounts

Depending on the overall design, your vehicle's engine may have between two and five primary mounting positions. This engine sits on top of the subframe and is connected to a gearbox which may also be mounted to the vehicle chassis. As the engine fires up, it will create a lot of vibration and the engine mountings need to absorb this stress to a certain degree to let things work as they should.

Signs Of Engine Mounting Issues

When engine mountings begin to deteriorate, you may notice a significant increase in vibration, from something barely noticeable to something that may dislodge your fillings. This will not only affect your ride but can also allow damage to occur within the engine, as the balance is affected.

You may also notice that the car seems to jump forward whenever you turn the ignition key. In this case, the mountings will not be able to deal with the inertia caused by that initial start-up motion, although after the initial shock, everything should settle back to that unwanted vibration.

Looking More Closely At These Parts

Engine mountings are made from heavy-duty, reinforced rubber components attached to a steel mounting frame. Some of these devices are actually filled with fluid to give an additional degree of dampening. The mountings will move to a certain extent but only to allow the engine to react to various road conditions. You can nevertheless expect them to break down given time as they are in a very vulnerable position.

Taking Action

If you suspect that your engine mountings may be in need of some attention, it is best if you take action as soon as possible. Remember, those vibrations could cause some internal engine issues; should this happen, the repair bill is likely to be more significant.

For more info, visit a local auto repair shop.