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Time For A Safety Test? 4 Steps To Take Before Your Vehicle Roadworthy Inspection

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If it's time to schedule your roadworthy inspection, you want to make sure that your vehicle passes on the first attempt. If your vehicle fails the roadworthy inspection on the first attempt, you only have about two weeks to complete the necessary repairs. That's why it's so important that you prepare your vehicle for the inspection. If you've never gone through the inspection process, you might not know how to prepare. If that's the case, read the information provided here. You'll find four simple tips that will help you secure a passing roadworthy inspection for your vehicle. 

Have the Windscreen Repaired

If your vehicle is scheduled for a roadworthy inspection, the first thing you need to do is take a close look at the windscreen. Your windscreen will be examined as part of the roadworthy inspection. First, check for cracks and chips. If you see signs of damage, you'll need to have your windscreen repaired prior to the inspection. Second, remove any stickers that you might have on your windscreen. Third, check the tint. If you have dark tint on your windscreen, you'll need to have that removed prior to the inspection. Finally, give your windscreen a thorough cleaning. 

Have the Suspension Serviced

If it's time for your vehicle to go in for a roadworthy inspection, don't forget to have the suspension serviced. During the inspection, the suspension on your vehicle will be examined. This will include the shock absorbers and suspension bushes, as well as the tie rod ends, ball joints and springs. All of these components should be in good repair prior to your vehicle's roadworthy inspection. 

Have the Lamps Adjusted

If you're getting your vehicle ready for the roadworthy inspection, take time to have the lamps adjusted. If your lamps are out of adjustment, your vehicle might not pass the safety inspection. The first thing you want to do is make sure that none of your lamps are broken. Next, you want to make sure that they all provide adequate illumination. Finally, you want to have the lamps adjusted for proper visibility. 

Have the Tyres Inspected

If your vehicle is scheduled for its roadworthy inspection, make sure you have the tyres inspected before you go. Your tyres should be free of damage and have adequate tread remaining. It's also important that all of your tyres have the valve caps in place. Finally, test the tyres for proper pressure. If the pressure is off, be sure to add pressure before taking your vehicle in for inspection. It's also important that you ensure proper pressure on the spare tyre, as well. 

For more information regarding roadworthy inspections, contact an auto service.