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6 Steps Panel Beaters Use to Fix Dents on Your Car Body

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Without proper tools, skills, and experience, you might not succeed at removing car dents perfectly. Though large dents are easy to fix, small ones can be a nuisance. Even if they are unnoticeable, tiny dents tarnish the vehicle's appeal and even cause further damage to the vehicle. To achieve perfect bodywork, take your car to an auto repair shop for panel beating. Here are the steps used by panel beaters to remove dents.

Step 1: Choosing a Dolly for the Appropriate Profile

Dents are of different forms, shapes, and profiles. Thus, a professional panel beater will first select the right dolly that matches the profile of the panel section to be repaired. They can modify the profile using scrap steel and hardwood pieces.

Step 2: Choosing a Suitable Hammer 

Rather than using trial and error, experienced panel beaters know the most suitable hammers for various dents and creases. To choose the right hammer, they mentally assess how the hammer blows will affect the panel. They can also make a quick correction when there is a mistake.

Step 3: Placing the Dolly behind the Dent or Crease

In the third step, the panel beater places the dolly behind the panel where the dent is located. The panel section assumes the shape of the dolly placed behind it. The dolly is held against the panel using pressure. However, the panel beater must avoid using excess pressure as the panel might bend outwards. On the other hand, little pressure causes the panel to bend inwards. 

Step 4: Actual Panel Beating Exercise

Panel beating repair involves the beating of the dented area on the panel. It's done directly on the panel placed on the dolly. With the right hammers, the dent will disappear as the panel assumes the dolly's shape. The panel beater carefully beats the panel until the dent is rectified. They skillfully listen to the sounds of the panel to determine the progress of the dent repair.

Step 5: Repositioning of the Dolly 

The panel beater might need to move the dolly along the crease or dent to proceed with the beating if the dent affects a large area.

Step 6: Finishing

When the dent is fully levelled, the final step is to paint the affected areas to achieve the bodywork's original smoothness.

An expert panel beater uses professional and proven steps and tools to fix dents and creases. Professional dent removal restores your car's appeal and prevents further weaknesses. If your vehicle has a dent, take it to a panel beater near you.