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A Guide On Car Service Courtesy Cars

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Have you taken your vehicle for servicing? Most people are often concerned about how long the service will take. Courtesy cars are vehicles provided by the garage or dealer to ensure your daily routine does not get interrupted when your vehicle is at the repair shop. Read this guide to learn more about car service courtesy cars

Courtesy cars are a luxury service provided by dealerships and accredited car dealers to encourage customer loyalty. More often than not, the garage will have an eligibility criterion that determines which customers qualify for courtesy car services. Remember, the garage would incur considerable expenses to purchase or hire courtesy cars to serve every customer. Typically, most garages will offer a courtesy car to customers whose vehicles are under manufacturer warranty, if you need logbook repairs or if your car requires extensive repairs. Some comprehensive insurance covers will cater for courtesy cars. You could also qualify for a courtesy car if you are a loyal customer at the garage. 

Check the company's terms. For instance, you need to check the available vehicles. In most cases, you will have a limited choice of cars to choose from. Ideally, you should select a vehicle that serves your needs. As such, check the legroom, ground clearance, fuel consumption and engine capacity. You should also conduct a quick inspection to ensure that the courtesy car is in perfect condition. Check the engine oil levels, the coolant, brakes and air conditioning system. Additionally, inspect the vehicle's interior to ensure it does not have documents or items belonging to previous customers. 

Most garages will conduct routine servicing while the vehicle is in your possession. However, you will have to repair the courtesy car if your negligence damaged the vehicle. Inquire whether the garage has conditions regarding where you can use the car. For instance, they could prohibit you from leaving the state or country. Inquire how long you should use the vehicle. Typically, the garage will ask for the car once they finish repairs. However, they could ask for the vehicle if you intentionally delay the repair process. For instance, if you cannot make the payments on time. As a rule, the courtesy car should have a valid insurance cover. 

Car service courtesy cars will help you to resume your daily routine as you await car repairs. When applying for a courtesy car, check the eligibility criteria, the vehicle's condition and terms of use.