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3 Mistakes a Car Repair Service Can Help You Avoid When Spray Painting Your Vehicle

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As a car owner, you must do everything possible to extend its longevity. One way to ensure this is by repainting it after using it for several years. Painting your car gives it a new look boosts its durability. Even though painting a car is challenging, you can successfully go the DIY route if you know the dos and don'ts of the painting process. However, it is advisable to leave the painting work to professionals to avoid making costly mistakes. Read on to learn about three critical mistakes that a reputable car service can help you avoid when spray painting your automobile.   

Failure to Clean Your Car Properly

Failure to get your car cleaned before painting it is a costly mistake that your auto shop will help you avoid. Your painting task should start by washing your vehicle. If your car's body is covered with mud and dirt, it is advisable to get rid of it before the painting process commences. It will help you detect rusted spots or scratches in different parts of the body. 

It is advisable to wash your car several times until you eliminate all the dirt. A reliable car service will help you use the appropriate detergents and equipment to avoid causing more damage. After that, allow your car to dry overnight and wipe it one more time with a dry cloth to ensure that the surface is completely dry. If your rag is still dirty after cleaning your vehicle several times, rewash it until it's sparkling clean. 

Failure to Fix Scratches and Dents

You might assume that painting your car will cover scratches and dents, but that isn't always the case. So, if you notice dents and scratches after washing your vehicle, it is advisable to hire a car repair service to get them repaired before the painting job commences. To eliminate the defects, you should sand down the rough areas until they are smooth. If this isn't enough to fix the issue, your auto repair specialists will fill the dents in with the proper materials until the surface is smooth enough.

Failure to Allow Enough Time After Each Coat

It is a big and costly mistake to add wet paint on top of another coat of wet paint. For a perfect painting experience, allow enough time after each coat to give the paint time to dry. Then continue spraying the other coats, allowing similar intervals for all of them to dry. If you want to know whether your car is ready for the next coat, it is not advisable to use your hand. Instead, give it enough time by exposing it to direct sunlight for a specific period or leave it overnight to dry before applying a new coat of paint. That gives your car a darker colour, and you might only require two or three coats to get your desired look. The auto shop of your choice will guide you throughout this process. 

It is imperative to hire a reputable and licenced auto service to help you spray paint your car like a pro. You will get experienced auto technicians who will examine your vehicle before the painting process begins. They will help you select the most suitable paint for your car. Also, they will ensure you follow the right painting procedures to get the best results.Contact a company that provides vehicle spray painting services to learn more.