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Tips to help you maximise the lifespan of your brakes

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It is rare to hear people whose vehicles' original brakes have lasted the entire lifespan of their vehicles without the need for replacement. For most people, brakes last shorter than they should because of poor habits behind the wheel, and in most cases, the brake pads perform even more dismally. If you have been going to the auto mechanic regularly with complaints about poor brake performance, perhaps it is time to review driving skills and enforce those which will promote the life of your brakes.

Control the speed of your vehicle

Stopping a car that was speeding is the worst thing that can happen to brakes. When you are trying to stop from a high speed, your brakes will dissipate more energy and in the long run this is what wears them out. It is advisable to always drive under the speed limit because the lower the speed which you have to brake from, the higher the chances of saving your brakes from destruction. On the other hand, you should also practice the art of slowing down before stepping on the brake pedals. This will also help you save your brakes.

Use you right foot for the brakes

It is not uncommon to see cars speeding on a highway at a constant speed and their brake lights are constantly blinking. This happens mostly to drivers who use their left foot on the brakes. When you get used to placing the left foot on the brakes, you will end up making endless and unnecessary taps on the brakes, which wears them out further. There are people who actually install a panel between the clutches and the brake pedals to make the brakes last longer.

Memorise your route

There are certain factors which you have internalised about the route which you take to work or back home every day. For instance, maybe you know that hill which most drivers never memorise, and they end up having to brake too fast. As a person who is familiar with the route, learn to anticipate these moves by other drivers and slow down, keeping a distance from them so that you do not have to apply emergency brakes when they do the same.

Extending the life of your brakes is as easy as changing your driving habits and convictions. However, if you change these things, and your brakes still have problems, it is time to visit an auto mechanic who will help you figure out where the problem lies and perform brake repairs.