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Five Checks to Do on Your Caravan Before Your Next Holiday

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Before heading out on your next big camping holiday, you may want to make sure that you do a bit of routine maintenance on your caravan. In particular, if you have a caravan that you tow behind your vehicle, there are key steps you should take. Check out the following tips.

1. Look Over Your Tyres

Your tyres are essential, whether they are on your vehicle or your caravan. Look over the tyres. Make sure they have enough tread and that they are inflated to the right level.

In terms of inflation, fill the caravan tyres up to the proper level. Then, let them sit for a few days. If the air leaks out, you need to take them in for a repair. To be on the safe side, take a tyre pressure gauge with you.

2. Check Your Signals

Signals are also essential for safety. If you can't communicate where you are going, that can be dangerous for other drivers. Hook your caravan up to your vehicle and make sure the signals work.

3. Make Sure the Brakes Work

If the brakes aren't responsive on your caravan, your caravan may not stop while you are driving. That could prevent your vehicle from stopping, and you may end up getting into an accident. A few weeks before your holiday, hook your caravan to your tow vehicle, and test out the brakes.

If they are showing any signs of trouble, schedule a repair immediately. Signs of trouble include screeching, the sound of metal on metal, and not braking as quickly as they should.

4. Inspect Your Suspension

If you're not familiar with doing a visual check of your suspension, you may want to take your caravan into a caravan repair shop. If you feel comfortable doing your own visual inspection, you can look over the air springs yourself. If you see cracks or other signs of wear and tear, you need a repair.

Additionally, you may want to hook up the caravan and see how it looks when someone else tows it down the street. Is it bouncing up and down more than usual or leaning to one side or the other? If so, you may also need a repair.

5. Check the Plumbing

Finally, make sure that the plumbing is working correctly. Hook up your reservoir. Then, run your sinks and flush your toilet. A plumbing issue can ruin your holiday so you want to be sure to check these components.