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Know the Signs That Your Caravan May Need Repairs

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Keeping your caravan in good repair will mean being able to enjoy a relaxing holiday at any time, even at the spur of the moment; it will also extend the life of the caravan as regular repairs and maintenance will help to avoid major damage and potential breakdowns. Note a few signs that your caravan may need some attention, and be sure you take your caravan into a shop once you notice these signs so it's always in good repair and ready to go.

The caravan pulls

If you're towing a caravan and it pulls to one side or another, this might be the fault of your vehicle; misaligned, undersized or mismatched tyres on the tow vehicle can cause it to pull in one direction, and the caravan will resist this pulling, causing drag. However, the caravan's tyres can also be misaligned, or the van may have a bent axle. As soon as you notice this resistance when towing the caravan, have it checked for needed repairs so you can control it properly when on the road and reduce the risk of a rollover or other accident.

Flickering lights

Old light bulbs can flicker as they begin to die, but when more than one light in the caravan flickers, the van may need electrical repairs. Older wiring may be failing to provide proper current, or those wires may be bare and frayed. This can put your caravan at risk of an electrical fire, and if all the wiring is very old, the brake lights and braking system may begin to fail as well. Have all the wiring of the caravan checked if the lights should begin to flicker or fail.


Squeaking and groaning floorboards in a caravan often mean that those floors are warped and need repair or replacement. The underside of the caravan floor may also have rusted or suffered other water damage so that the floorboards are soft and without needed support; they then squeak or groan when you walk over them.

You might also note squeaking or scraping noises when the caravan framework has rusted and needs repairs. Parts of the frame may be corroded all the way through so that the frame then makes scraping sounds as it shifts. You may also hear groaning or grinding if there is damage to the caravan's axles, as they will also groan when the caravan is not being pulled or steered evenly. Ignoring this can result in a broken axle, which can leave you stranded when on the road.

If you've been in an accident or find your caravan was damaged in other ways, look for a caravan insurance repair shop so that you get back on the road soon.