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Indicators That It Is Time for a Diesel Service

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While all vehicles tend to have a specific service period that is recommended by the manufacturer, this time allocation is not set in stone. What you should know is that the intervals between servicing vary vastly from one car to the net. Secondly, your particular servicing period can also change depending on how often you drive, the terrain you drive on and so on. However, since some motorists tend to wait until the service period, they end up overlooking critical signs that their diesel car is in dire need of engine care. Read on for a brief list of indicators that it is time for a diesel service.

Excessive smoke emissions

Although old diesel vehicles are known to emit some smoke from time to time, too much smoke is never a good sign. Not only should you be wary of the amount of smoke that is coming from your diesel car's exhaust, but you should keep a sharp eye out on the colour of smoke too. Any black, blue or white smoke indicates that there is trouble with the diesel engine. Some of the reasons why your car could be experiencing excessive smoke emissions include a blocked filter, a malfunctioning injector pump, a damaged injector and so on. It is important to see a mechanic immediately so that your vehicle's engine and its subsystem are not at risk of developing irreparable damage.

Diminished engine performance

Diesel engines are renowned for their raw power. And since these engines are robust, motorists tend to overlook servicing under the wrong impression that the engine will resolve itself. But when you begin to experience problems with accelerating or even starting the car, then it is crucial to seek diesel servicing for your vehicle. Diminished diesel engine performance can be attributed to a few reasons such as a dirty filter or deficient fuel pressure. However, the diminished performance could also mean that the subsystem is not functioning at optimum performance. When you take your vehicle in for a service, the mechanic will employ a dynamometer to test the power in your vehicle's wheels and compare this to the power that the vehicle should have so they can determine how severe the diminished performance is.

The vehicle is running rough

Running rough is one of the most typical issues that diesel vehicles develop, especially once they are quite old. This diesel engine problem usually comes about when the glow plugs are defective. However, it can also occur when the car's fuel injection system is jeopardised. It is vital to have the vehicle serviced, or you will find that starting the car is becoming progressively harder.