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Top Services to Expect from a Car Tune-Up Session

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There is nothing as frustrating as your car breaking down unexpectedly with no car mechanic in range. Well, it does happen and unfortunately some of the reasons underlying such sudden malfunctioning can be avoided through regular repairs and maintenance. Every dollar you spend in auto repair is worth it because down the road, it will save you from inconveniences which you may otherwise face. With auto repair centres being established in increasing numbers, each offering customised repair and car care services, it helps to know what to expect when you visit a car mechanic. When you drive in for a car-tune up service, there are certain basic services you expect your mechanic to undertake and below are some of them.

Performance Checks

Your car has an engine control unit that virtually keeps every component in check either directly or indirectly through an interlinked system. This system cannot be manually manipulated unless through electronic means. During a tune-up exercise, your mechanic will examine components such as the ignition vacuum, fuel mixtures and idle speed to ascertain whether things are still in line with the factory specifications or not.

Spark Plugs Inspection and Replacement

The electrodes require higher voltages to function which means your spark plugs need to fire regularly. This operation gradually wears down the electrodes thereby necessitating a replacement of the spark plugs after several thousand miles. A tune-up is the best opportunity you have for your car to be checked and where necessary the spark plugs to be replaced to avoid incidents such as rough idling and misfires.

Oxygen Sensor Replacement

The oxygen sensor in your car system plays a critical role in monitoring the quantity of oxygen in the fuel exhaust chamber. The input of this monitoring exercise enables the engine control unit to determine the appropriate fuel to air mixture ratio required for optimized performance. Unfortunately, oxygen sensors burn-out or slow down with time thus causing many problems amongst them failed emission testing, rough idling and stalling. A tune up can help address this.

Cleaning up Fuel Injection and Intake System

Deposits which accumulate in the fuel injectors have the potential to throw off the fuel mixture and by extension affect the responsiveness of your car engine. If you have been a victim of car engine misfiring and sluggish performance, you should expect your mechanic to clean the fuel injection system components and the air intake valves. In addition to the above, a tune up should also include inspection, change or topping up your car fluids including transmission fluid, engine oil and brake fluid.